Superman Returns


It’s been a while since Superman has graced us with his presence on the big screen. He started his life in 1932 as a comic book creation and his global recognition has since escalated into becoming a household name loved by both adults and children alike.

Bryan Singer’s adaptation of the original Superman was a tough act to follow, especially with Christopher Reeve’s recent passing, which made it all the more difficult for the unknown lead, Brandon Routh, but he
manages to pull off the role of Clark Kent/Superman with his silently stiff-geeky style that conveys the extreme loneliness, alienation and unselfishness of the life of a superhero.

Set 5 years after Superman left the world behind to discover the remains of his “graveyard” home planet, Superman/Clark Kent returns to Metropolis to discover startling changes: namely Lois Lane (Kate Bosworth) being married to Perry White’s nephew, played by James Marsden. His arch-nemesis, Lex
Luthor, played by the wonderful Kevin Spacey, is once again up to no good with his cheesy yet comical ‘posse’ when he decides he wants to create his own continent, wiping out most of North America.

The visual effects are, albeit well done, but definitely not worth the reported $250 US million budget. Go watch this film if you’re a Superman fan, or with your family, or with a couple friends. If you’re looking for
intellectual stimulation, however, you might want to steer clear of this 136 minute film, as the ending drags on for a good forty-five minutes.

-Karen Clarke Ng,