I have been dumped by an Aries last month, so no Sex-o-scope for them.

Ha ha - just kidding. Summer for Aries is symbol of laziness. Hot weather cools you down a bit too much and you wake up after summer wondering if you did something of your summer actually. And actually you did not. But that is no problem. Just keep in mind that would be good if you shower once a day at least. What about sex? Well, you know, too hot and don’t feel it right now… Ok, let’s meet in October so.

Summer is good, everybody is complementing you about your style, your hair, your life. You look good, feel good and talk good. People are attracted by what you say this summer, so show off! And you have many things to say after what you did this year. Just don’t forget that things can also happen during this summer, so don’t forget your camera, we never know. The Capricorns are fascinated by your long discussion, and they want to know more…

Having hesitations? Indeed it's summer, it's hot outside, new people coming... The flow of opportunities makes you really wonder if you should come back to your butterfly attitude. On top of that, you feel really good in your body. Guess what, I think you ll make the move and follow your natural aspiration for fooling around. And you maybe will have a romance... As far as you don't play Banco and loose your strong and long term relationship. Summer is just a season, Gemini, you will soon come back to more steady feelings. Saying that, hmmmh look at this Libra full of pheromones, and this Capricorn, not too bad too, and this Leo with nice hair style, ...

Have you heard about the sea shell sex life? Well, you are very close to it. They have friends and try many things, and suddenly when they get another seashell with the biggest... shell, they just spend all their time with the dear one, becoming blind for the others. I know it is tough, but there is more in life than planning to buy a new bed and doing housework. Summer is also time for friends and your partner will understand that. Frankly speaking, your partner needs air, space. You are suffocating them with your lazy attitude and your homey style. You will see that couple is nurtured with friends relationship. We are social animals, don't forget this! If some of your Pisces friends ask for more attention, don't decline!

Wow, your hair look beautiful this summer. Let them grow a bit, you will look even better. Traveling to visit family just exhaust you, but please don’t become lazy. You are a bit like the Aries, when the temperatures are up then you feel like melting. So find a little of shadow and drink cold fruit juice. Your body will adapt. And for once, try to look younger that you are. Your summer mission: try to make your body a bit more flexible. You will see tat it will help you adapt to heat. Take that yoga lesson during your stay in this Balinese resort, yes you can do it! And you might also like it. With a little more flexibility, you will also have more success with your partner!

It seems that you will have promotion very soon. Congratulations, but don’t become arrogant about it. Responsibilities are given to do things, not to look at your new crown for endless hour in the mirror. And at the end of summer, this might no be the best thing that happened to you anyway. On the relationship side, not really bright as well, it is difficult for you to find people you can trust and you realiz that it is also because you have been doing too much of back stabbing and looked people down for too long. My advice: summer is no romance for the Virgo, but about filling the cracks you’ve done with the people around you. Why don’t you try to trust three people around you and give them full support? You’ll see your life will be much easier. It s like you are in front of two ways, one is only the good one, I just gave you the good method, and let’s catch up in September to celebrate… or to cry!

As going with the flow is your motto, summer is a wonderful time for you. New clothing to attract your prey, new countries to discover, new sport to try... This summer is about trying new stuff for you. So get ride of all your 2005 and before clothing and go for drinks in breezy place. You will be more successful near the sea, and get full score on a boat. A Gemini Sailor or a Scorpio mermaid will be a great match.

Looking at people happiness makes you vomiting? And you feel also bad about it? Scorpio, I know it’s tough but for one summer could you try doing the same thing as other. Indeed people are more shallow during summer because it is vacation time, sun, fun and opportunity to meet new people and renew the human species. If you look at it closer, it might not be as shallow as what you think. And anyway, what’s the point to think these month? Finally the haze is gone (I will soon do Astro-weather forecast for Hong Kong) for one full month, so indeed your iron cast is no use but you have other way to be happy. And anyway, don’t you need a little hug? Come on, we know that when it comes to sex, the scorpio can be very shallow too. Why don’t you hook this grumpy Aquarius and trap it into your web?

Already half the year has gone and you did not see it. You so absorb by your job that you really have no time for you. You travel too much, work too much, eat too much. And even stuff that usually relax you and gives you a way to entertain your brain don’t work. My advice: just stop. Really stop. Off the blackberry, break with the mistress who always beg you for money, crash you phone. And go. Go in a villa with less than 1,000 inhabitants in Europe. You need to detox your body with all the bad vibes you absorbed without releasing them: Don’t talk on the phone, don’t look at TV and go inside the water. Your body needs water to regenerate. And you feel like so tired, so exhausted. If you cannot manage to get at least three week off in a row, you’ll have a bad surprise in November. Get this Aries with nice complexion and learn to sleep!

Full of energy, but your partner is a bit lazy? Don’t worry, the good energy from Sun God will fix that quickly. You cannot be down when the sun is up anyway. All right, things are not going exactly as you wish, but you get used to it, don’t you? Again, try to find one little habit that sounds extremely important to you, such as: the way someone put the fork on the table with the peaks up, or the way the waiter always forgets the teaser in your cocktail, and then just accept the fact it is not the way you like, but it should not matter. Try many times, I know it’s a tough one. Summer is a good way to unwind your old boy old girl little habits and prepare yourself for being a sociable person Traveling is a good way to bump into new comers, but you would be surprised that you have to make no effort to attract people around. And wow, you are very physical this summer. Look at this hot Taurus Fireman or this gorgeous Virgo Girl drinking at the corner of the California bar? They are not as difficult to get as you think.

Enough is enough! We know you are under pressure with your job or studies. We know you are not happy with your body now -Indeed you look a bit fatty by the way. However do you really think being grumpy makes you more attractive? Wrong indeed. So you need a big fight, tears, and once the crisis is over, a new start. And that's the only way you will finally enjoy being yourself. And believe me, your are a great person. People who take time to look behind the mask really appreciate you. And you are lucky: a close Gemini person will invite you to a great place with a lot of sun. So just go there and enjoy, you will feel so good that you will evacuate your stress and your toxins. Detox summer for the grumpy Aquarius. Remember to keep on the good work for the months after...

All or nothing strategy is no good strategy. You should just accept things and be open. Don’t worry, summer is good for the fish. Warm water, more attention from your partner, and from new comers. So summer is time for you to re-fill your self esteem. Your body is in perfect shape, and people notice it. It gives you more balance and you see that problems are not that big after all. The only problem is that you feel your current relationship is going nowhere, even though you finally managed to have a good 'team spirit'. But the fish deep inside needs more than comfort, they need perspective. My advice? Go relax, visit family, and if you think your life is a bit complex, just going away fixes a lot of stuff! Why don't you contact a Gemini that will always have an understanding ear for you!